Proof There Is A God

image-300x300-7314420On a recent Sunday afternoon I went to the Tucson Symphony Orchestra for their matinee production. It was a nice enough event but as I sat there during the end of the program, I said to myself, “I wish Tucson had a professional hockey team. Phoenix has one. Even an AHL team would do. I’m in the mood for live hockey!”

As I left the Tucson Music Hall and walked towards my car I glanced up and saw the spires of the cathedral. I decided to bring my hockey question to the Lord. “Lord, why doesn’t Tucson have a professional hockey team,” I asked? He gave no immediate answer.

Feeling curious, I returned to my car and googled “hockey and Tucson.” I thought maybe the University of Arizona supported a team or perhaps in the past the city had a professional hockey organization.

Much to my surprise, my Google query returned a link to a headline proclaiming the 2016-2017 season as the inaugural year for the Tucson Roadrunners, an American Hockey League (AHL) affiliated hockey team. Surprise! Surprise!

My joy at this information was real. I then wondered what might be their schedule this year. I googled that information as well. Much to my surprise, there was a game being played at home at that very minute. The Tucson Roadrunners were playing in the Tucson Convention Center. “Oh Lord, this couldn’t be true! Was there hockey being played in the building right behind me?”

Still wearing my blue blazer and fancy Panama straw hat made in Spain, appropriate for the symphony but maybe not AHL hockey, I scampered towards the Tucson Convention Center doors.

My enthusiasm got the better of me and I asked a very robust man with a few days of facial hair growth standing outside the center intently enjoying his cigarette if there was a hockey game going on in the building. “Yes,” he said, “The first period had ended and it’s a pretty good game.”

In my excitement, I poured out my most recent conversation with the Lord about Tucson and hockey to this gentleman and wife. He paused, grinned a bit and pulled out his extra ticket and said, “And here’s your ticket!”

Thinking he was selling tickets, I asked him how much. He replied, “Don’t worry about it. Enjoy the game.”

So, I entered the convention center and enjoyed the last two periods of an exciting AHL hockey game. It was an answer to a prayer.

This proves, there is a God. 😉

7 thoughts on “Proof There Is A God

  1. Andrew,

    Your story brings to mind how God shows a special interest in the lives of His children. Even in the “little things.” He knows. He sees. He cares!
    I always enjoy your writings. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Angela, You know, it’s funny I have a hard time believing God takes a personal interest in all His beings even in the “little things” but a friend, with much more faith than I, once told me, “God knows how to uniquely pluck the heart strings of each of His children.” Perhaps He does! In this case, He used AHL hockey to do so. 😉 You, of all people, can appreciate how much this little outing meant to me! Thanks for reading my posts…and commenting!

  2. Wonderful story! He never lets us down. Sometimes He is not on the same timeline as we are. Sometimes the answer is no. Sometimes our dreams come true! Cousin Kathy!

    1. John, You have a reason to live! I can’t believe you never went to a Providence Bruins game back in the day! AHL Hockey is great. You’d love it! Tucson won! 😉

  3. Yes, there is a God! And yes, he does have a way of providing wonderful gifts to His children…

    Delight yourself in the LORD;
    And He will give you the desires of your heart. – Psalm 37:4

    I had forgotten about your interest in hockey; glad you got to see a Flyers game with my husband while you were in PHL.

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